Über Uns

Willkommen in unserem Natursteinzentrum Rhein Main in Würzburg.

 We offer you the new world of building materials in the natural stone center Rhein-Main – Würzburg. Our digital showroom shows you your tile for the garden, living room or kitchen before you install it. Choose from over 200 types of tiles in all formats and laying methods and run on your new tiles before they are delivered directly to your home! Shop building materials in the middle of the city. That is the new concept of the Natursteinzentrum Rhein Main. We go one step further: Are you looking for your decorative gravel for the garden? Digitally choose from 200 types and experience your ballast before it is laid. Decide the color, size and shape and we will present you the new shopping paradise of the building materials world in our showroom in Würzburg